Degree Option: B.Agric Tech Animal Production and Health PROGRAMME PHILOSOPHY SAAT

The philosophy of the Federal University of Technology, Akure is to produce practical – oriented graduates who are ready for self – employment at graduation. In line with this philosophy, the Department considers it appropriate to train graduates who have a broad-based knowledge of the various aspects of agriculture, and a bias towards animal production. The intention is that these graduates should be so practically trained as well as theoretically knowledgeable as to encourage them to set up themselves in agricultural production as means of reducing graduate unemployment and increasing agricultural productivity. The Department further holds that a deeper knowledge of animal health problems than is normally imparted to undergraduates of Animal Science will better prepare a graduate of animal production for the challenges of intensive livestock production that he would encounter on the field.

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROGRAMME The Objectives of the Programme are to:

  • train undergraduates broadly in the field of agricultural production with emphasis on animal production.
  • emphasise in the above training appreciation for the role of animal diseases in animal production through general disease diagnosis and elaboration of preventive measures
  • train undergraduates in basic research techniques.
  • prepare undergraduates for self employment in general agriculture, especially in animal production