The Department runs postgraduate programmes in line with the primary mission of the School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, FUTA (through the Centre for Continuing Education and the Postgraduate School) which lead to the award of Postgraduate diploma, Master of Agricultural Technology and Doctor of Philosophy. All graduate studies are conducted through research and specifically designed course work. The postgraduate programmes of the Department are intended to consolidate and build upon the solid intellectual and technological foundations, which the undergraduate courses in the University have been most carefully designed to achieve.

The graduate programmes of the Department provides opportunity for advance studies and original research. Postgraduate degrees are granted for satisfactory academic attainment by the candidate as evidenced by the Thesis/Dissertation and passing relevant examinations.

Within the context of these general objectives therefore, graduate students of the Department are trained to:

  • Have a very sound and in depth knowledge of the basic principles underlying the body of the knowledge they are being trained to master.
  • Develop a broad analytical mind that would enhance major intellectual and technological breakthrough to improve the lots of man and the society, through basic and need-driven research programmes.
  • Be adequately versed in their discipline and be competent in imparting the knowledge gained into others in a conducive academic environment to ensure the continued existence of the system.
  • All matters of postgraduate studies, or those originating from postgraduate students, and addressed to the Dean of Postgraduate School, should pass through the Department and SAAT postgraduate Advisory Committees.


    Postgraduate Diploma

    Degree: Diploma in Animal Production and Health

    The Diploma courses are designed to afford holders of Higher National Diploma and equivalent qualifications in different fields the opportunity to have a better grasp and broaden their knowledge of Animal Production and Health. University graduates who graduated from other Departments and who may want to be knowledgeable in Animal Production are also intended to benefit from the programme. The Diploma programmes therefore prepare students for greater efficiency on their jobs and make them to be trainable for Higher Degrees.

    Higher Degrees

    Master of Agricultural Technology (M.Agric. Tech)

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

    Programmes are available in the following options:

  • Animal Production & Management
  • Agricultural Biochemistry & Nutrition
  • Animal Breeding & Genetics
  • Reproduction & Environmental Physiology
  • Meat Science (Ph.D. only)
  • Animal Microbiology
  • Animal Parasitology
  • Farm Hygiene & Disease Prevention
  • For details of regulations governing specific postgraduate programmes such as:

    • Eligibility for admission
    • Duration of the programme
    • Scheme of examination
    • Deferment of admission
    • Procedure for registration
    • Late registration
    • Withdrawal from the University
    • Standard of thesis and presentation
    • Examination of the thesis
    • Submission of thesis, etc
    • Open examination of thesis defence


  • HOD, Animal Production and Health Department
  • Dean, School of Agriculture & Agricultural Technology, FUTA
  • Dean, Postgraduate School, FUTA (PGD, Master and Ph.D.)


    S/N Name Status Qualification Area of Specialization
    1 Prof. J.O. Agbede Professor B. Agric.Tech, M.Agric.Tech, PhD (Akure), Cert. Dairy Cattle Prod. Agric. Biochemistry & Nutrition
    2 Prof. V.A. Aletor Professor BSc, MSc, PhD Ibadan, Cert. Cell Res. (Shafeyin) Agric. Biochemistry & Nutrition

    Prof. J.A. Alokan


    BSc Ile-Ife, MSc, PhD (Ibadan)

    Ruminant Nutrition & Mgt.
    4 Prof. T. A. M. Awoniyi Professor DVM Ibadan, MSc Edinburg, PhD (Akure) Public Health & Farm Hygiene
    5 Prof. I. A. Adebayo Professor

    DVM, MVSc, Ph.D (Ibadan), Cert. Immunol.

    Vet Microbiology (Virology) & Immunology
    6 Prof. G.E. Onibi Professor B. Tech (Akure), MSc, PhD (Aberdeen), Cert. Curr. Dev., Cert. Guid. & Counseling Animal Nutrition &Products Enhancement
    7 Prof. C. A. Chineke Professor

    Bsc, MSc (Ibadan), PhD (Akure)

    Animal Breeding & Genetics

    8 Prof. F.A. Igbasan Professor B.Tech (Akure), MSc (badan), PhD (Manitoba) Agric. Biochemistry & Nutrition
    9 Prof .I B. Osho


    DVM Zaria, M. Agric.Tech, PhD (Akure) Vet. Parasitology & Microbiology

    Dr. A. N. Fajemisin


    BSc, MSc, PhD (Ibadan)

    Ruminant Nutrition & Mgt.
    11 Dr. S.O.Aro


    BSc., MSc, PhD (Ibadan)

    Reproduction & Environmental Physiology

    12 Dr. (Mrs) O.B. Faluyi Reader DVM Ibadan, M.Tech, PhD (Akure) Vet. Parasitology & Microbiology/Phytomedicine
    13 Dr. O. A. Adu Snr. Lecturer

    B.Tech Akure, MSc, PhD (Ibadan)

    Reproductive Physiology

    Dr. M. Adegbenro

    Snr. Lecturer B.Agric.Tech, M.Agric.Tech, PhD (Akure) Poultry Management and Nutrition
    15 Dr. (Mrs) O.O Adekolurejo Snr. Lecture

    DVM, M.V.P.H. (Ibadan

    Vet. Public Health

    16 Dr.(Mrs) G.A. Ibhaze Lecturer I

    B. Agric, MSc, PhD (Ibadan)

    Ruminant Nutrition & Dairy Sci.
    17 Mrs. A.A. Akintomide Lecturer I

    B.Agric.Tech, M.Agric.Tech. (Akure)

    Monogastric Animal Production and Product Quality Enhancement

    Dr. O. B. Morenikeji

    Lecturer II

    B.Agric.Tech, M.Agric.Tech. PhD (Akure

    Animal Breeding & Genetics

    Dr. A.O. Ayeni

    Lecturer II B.Agric.Tech, M.Agric.Tech. PhD (Akure) Agric. Biochemistry & Nutrition
    20 Mr. A.J. Atansuyi

    Lecturer II

    B.Agric.Tech, M.Agric.Tech. (Akure)

    Animal Breeding & Genetics
    21 Dr. O.B. Omotoso Lecturer II B.Agric.Tech, M.Agric.Tech. PhD (Akure) Ruminant Nutrition & Mgt
    22 Mr. T.Z.Ogunribido

    Asst. Lecturer

    B.Agric.Tech (Hons), M.Agric.Tech. (Akure) Agric. Biochemistry & Nutrition
    23 Mr. O.D. Ilori Asst. Lecturer

    B.Agric.Tech (Hons), (Ibadan) M.Agric.Tech. (Akure)

    Livestock Economics
    24 Mrs I.S. Olateju Asst. Lecturer B.Agric.Tech (Hons), M.Agric.Tech. (Akure) Reproductive Physiology

    List of Non-Academic Staff

    S/N Name Qualification Status
    1 Mr. M.O. Oguntokun WASC, OND, HND, PGD, M.Tech. (Akure)

    Chief Technologist


    Mr. J.A. Adesida

    WASC, HND, PGD (Akure) Principal Technologist

    Mrs. B. Usifo

    WASC, GCE, NIST, PGD (Akure)

    Snr. Technologist


    Mrs. G.T. Osho

    WASC, OND, HND, PGD, Diploma (Computer) (Akure)

    Snr. Technologist


    Mrs. R.E. Ovi agbede

    WASC, RSA I & II, Diploma Sec. Studies, Studies).

    Chief Sec. Asst.

    6 Mrs. C. O. Adeniran WASC, OND, HND, PGD (Akure)

    Technologist II


    Mr. L. I. Faturoti


    Lab. Attendant II

    8 Mrs. F. Ediale Grade II Lab. Attendant II
    9 Miss F.I. Omodunni NECO, GCE, NCE

    Lab. Attendant III