Academic Courses
100 Level 200 Level 300 Level 400 Level 500 Level
[1]APH 3033Animal Behaviour And Handling Techniques
[2]APH 3053Principles Of Animal Nutrition
[3]APH 3073Animal Breeding And Genetics
[4]AEE 3033Principles Of Agricultural Economics
[5]AEE 3053Principles Of Rural Sociology And Agricultural Extension
[6]CSC 2413Computer Programming I
[7]CSP 3113Intro. To Crop Physiology
[8]FWL 3013Study Of Aquatic And Terrestrial Ecosystem
[9]APH 3023Dairy Cattle Production And Dairying
[10]APH 3063Feeds And Feeding
[11]APH 3083Swine And Rabbit Production
[12]APH 3103Animal Microbiology And Pathology
[13]APH 3123Pasture And Fodder Cop Production And Preservation
[14]AEE 3063Farm Records And Analysis
[15]CSP 3062Fundamental Of Horticulture
[16]FWT 3032Forest Survey 1
[17]AEE 3022Principle Of Farm Management
[18]CSP 3043Agronomy Of Cereal And Legume Crop
[19]FWL 3062Aquaculture And Fish Farming Techniques
[20]APH3113Animal Breeding And Genetics
[21]APH3053Principles Of Animal Nutrition
[22]APH3093Anatomy And Physiology Of Farm Animal II
[23]APH3202Muscle Biology And Meat Science
[24]APH3143Monogastrics And Ruminant Nutrition
[25]APH3163Animal Microbiology
[26]APH3183Livestock Parasitology
100 Level 200 Level 300 Level 400 Level 500 Level